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I just finished The Paradox of Choice. Somewhere in the middle of the book it switched from being an information architecture/usability/psychology book into a self-help book for coping with depression. All good interesting stuff, but I was given the book by a usability expert and thought it could have been more targeted for my needs.

The next book, given by the same person, is The Wisdom of Crowds. Basically, it states that UNDER CERTAIN CIRCUMSTANCES (repeat that disclaimer), a group of people can actually be much more accurate that individuals, no matter how smart the individual. It has wide ranging implications. I just started it, but it seems viable.

These kinds of books, “Theory Books”, as I term them, usually get boring somewhere in the middle of the book. Guns, Germ and Steel was like this. I get the theory, and even accept the theory, but then I have to suffer through 100 more examples and proofs. Most of these books could be a lot shorter.

After this one, I have the 2005 political book Katie got me, which is actually really enjoyable. Then back to Katherine Graham’s autobiography. Lots to read. Thank goodness for CalTrain.


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