Non-detirministic CSS

An engineer friend of mine needed some help on CSS.  He was extremely frustrated with the CSS.  As I fixed it, he looked at me like I was performing black magic.  I asked, “Isn’t programming like this?”  He said, “No, programming is more deterministic.”

This made me think about all of the HTML/CSS I have done in the last 12 years.  It has mostly been trial and error screwing around until all the browsers came into line and worked.  For a little while IE6 was the only browser to worry about and life was good.  Now, we have Firefox, IE6, IE7, and Safari and the ridiculous Word 2007 renderer that Outlook 2007 uses.  I don’t want to spend my time troubleshooting CSS.  I want to be developing better UX.

Look at this retarded Email template I had to make that works in IE6/IE7/Safari/Firefox/Gmail/Outlook2000-2007/YahooMail/ad nauseum.   View the source.  Is that the most f##ked up html you have seen since 2000?  Come on?  Nested tables?  Spacer.gif?!?  I usually look at spacer.gif as a sign of someone who doesn’t know CSS.  This is unfair.

CSS should be detirministic.  I should say width: 100px and damn-it, it should be 100px on every browser.  This is the kind of thing that drives people to use Flex.

On a completely random note:  This guys art work is really funny.  I like the URL too.  Nice work.

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