NY Decency Act

Didn’t we just settle this? The Communications Decency Act? Deemed Unconstitutional? Hello? Anyone paying attention?

New York Governor George “Ringo” Pataki signed a bill making it a felony to transmit indecent materials to minors via the internet in the State of New York. Basically, it’s a localized version of the CDA.

I’m not sure if Pataki is trying to get headlines or maybe just satisfy some constituents in the western, yes Buffalo, New York area. He was elected without the help of New York City and feels no need to coddle the growing internet community that has arisen here in the last year.

If Pataki has shown anything, it is that he is conservative by slashing educational budgets and acting an ass. (Did I betray my political disposition? Ooops!) This is completely typical of a Western New York thinking governor. He has an acute case of conservative, backward-thinking, technology-fearing paranoia.

It’s a little annoying that we have to go through this once again. We all know what this is about. It’s political BS for Pataki and an open license for local sheriffs to arrest potential troublemakers on the Net. Loser sheriffs nationwide have been using half-understood laws to enforce their own brand of local governing for decades. This one will just add to the problem of big-headed local law enforcement.

In case I didn’t mention, Pataki has lost my vote for Governor of the century.

Whatya think?