Passwords still suck

I hate passwords in general.  The weird Cr@zyPa$$w0rd style that people ask for today ensures that users will never remember them and just write them down at their desk.  They are also difficult to type.

The worst offenders are like Dell below.  They demand that you use only a few special characters $?=.,  Seriously?? You can’t use ! or %. WTF?




For a long time, LinkedIn wouldn’t accept ANY special characters.  Some people disallow spaces. It’s all nonsense.

We have been promised a better system for ages.  Nothing seems to show up.

I believe that Smart Phones are the answer.  They have bio-metrics built in like fingerprint or face scanners.  Not everyone has a phone, but it is getting close. Techcrunch pegs smart phone usage of internet users at 80%.  At 80% there should be a new standard that allows your phone to authenticate you.

I am not a security expert or programmer.  I just know that for every problem, there is a solution.  We need a new solution.

Whatya think?