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Originally posted Mar 23, 1996:

Gateway unveiled this week in Manhattan (Hey, how come nobody sent me an invitation? It’s an old internet boys network (double pun) thats why!! … umm…anyway) Gateway unveiled a possible melding of mediums. A PC/TV. Let’s take for granted the fact that its Gateway SIX THOUSAND dollar price tag drops significantly within a year of first shippings. It’s got a 30″ screen, a powerful Pentium 120 processor, a TV Tuner card that works with cable, and all the multimedia bells and whistles. The input devices include a remote mouse and wireless keyboard.

The theory is give the public a TV with better resolution AND pack in a multimedia internet ready computer and the money will come a rollin on home! Assuming that the high price tag is mostly due to the monitor, and that it will follow the basic baby AT footprint and specs, this sounds like a great idea. Sorta, … well maybe not.

I like the idea of having my computer and TV into one, but this does away with basic work mainstays, like for example, the desk. Where will I put the printer and the scanner? Will I lean my keyboard on my lap? (Holy Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Batman!) Will those Playboy scanning voyeurs or chatroom freaks find the privacy of their midnight indiscretions suddenly broadcast in 16.7 million 31″ letters? All of the sudden my web surfing resembles Thursday Must See TV. There are millions of SOHO workers out there who feel that a few minutes of watching TV is actually a break from work.

Work and Play and you dont even have to get up from the desk and slug over to the coach or even tilt your head to the side. I hear that Intel and GE will soon be releasing the couch/TV/fridgerator/toilet/PC in one unit. They call it the Manhattan-Studio-Appartment. Prices start at way too much.

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