Phi and Phirewall

Started reading a book on Phi. (What is Phi?) Phi is cool, but makes my brain hurt sometimes. I love the idea that many cultural aspects of our lives started out as glorified math clubs. Math is cool. Stay in School, fool. Yeah!

Anyway, after this, I have a biography on Howard Hughes and a biography on Lyndon Johnson by Robert Caro. Power Broker was so good and Caro won the Pulitzer for the Johnson book too. I had to give him another go.

Networking note: I am experiencing Juniper for the first time with their Netscreen 5-GT firewall. The interface is medium. Not terrible. However, it is VERY expensive and their support is not helpful. Why can’t their be a decent firewall company?

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Don’t but all the hype about Phi. The so called “golden ratio” does have some very cool properties, but the myths about it expressing the exact ratio of the human body, or female to male bees, or all the other hoopla it just random similarities. Give me any number and I will find a dozen things in nature that miraculously match up to it. There are billions of ratios in the world, so it is really surprising that a bunch will be around 3/2.

Here is my example. The Golden Ration can accurately predict the number of the number of games that will decide the NBA finals. In the last 29 years, the series has gone to six or more games exactly 18 times. The ratio of 29/18 is 1.61. Phi = 1.61. Amazing!

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