Yesterday, I showed my kids the meme of “planking”.  Admittedly, this is a fairly dated meme, but they are young, so it’s new to them.

Planking is a photo fad which involves lying face down with arms to the sides in unusual public spaces, photographing the scene and sharing the image online. In form, it bears striking resemblance to the Lying Down Game, a similar photo fad that became popular among UK Facebook users in 2010.

Here is a photo one of my kids sent me today.


And my youngest made up his own meme that he called Snailing.


I like that he is going outside the box.  I’ll have to show them LeBroning, Tebowing and maybe even Faith Hilling. I did a Google search for planking.  Some of the photos crack me up.  Some, I can’t believe someone can even do that.  Here is my favorite.  Difficulty and high kickassity levels.




Whatya think?