Way back in 1995, I used to keep a list of all of the Netscape Plugins. Back then, there were so few, that it was easy. We eventually got an intern, Puck. What ever happened to Puck? Wow, Puck was a trip. Anyway, it eventually got out of hand and we gave up.

Now my favorite plugins are for jQuery. I am not going to keep a list here, because I would need Puck again. There is a comprehensive list on jQuery’s website. However, I do need to keep a list of my current favorites. One’s that I use frequently or are just experimenting with today. Here is what I am working on.

  • ImageBox – I am going to change from Highslide to this for some sites I am working on.  However, this implementation is a little old and needs testing/updating.
  • Validation by Jörn Zaefferer – This is a tricky one.  It doesn’t exactly work the way I want, but Jorn has been extremely nice and asking about form suggestions.  I am hoping the next version will address some of the issues I had with it.
  • Tabs by Klaus Hartl – This is one of the best. I love this plugin and use it all the time.
  • Checkbox by Kawika K – For some reason I have trouble getting this one to work sometimes, but I love the functionality.  Checkboxes are so ugly.
  • Watermark by Josh Bush – aka OverLabel.  This one is new, but I think its brilliant.  I am going to start using it.
  • CurvyCorners – There are several variants out there.  THis one looks solid.  I love the capabilities.  I use one of them on the blog, but forgot which.
  • Interface by Stefan Petre, Paul Bakaus – I don’t use this all the time, but its so cool.  I use it on the blog to make the picture draggable.  I think this plugin comes in more handy for advanced animation or application prototyping.
  • Masked Input by Josh Bush – I have been using this one lately.  I like it, but it has a couple of UX issues.  Like if you don’t put in the data right and blur, it all disappears.  Very bad for zipcode +4.

Man, I am looking through the plugin list to remind myself and stunned at how many there are.  Holy cow!  I am missing some that I use often.  But I noticed some new ones.  They really need a rating system with dates so you can make sense of it.  Wow.

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I’m a fan of blockUI and Dimensions, as well. Frankly, the functionality provided by Dimensions should be standard.

Great idea to setup a website where you can see the hottest plugins for jQuery. Just started to use it, but ou never knwo if it is god or what doen’t work that well.
mmm.. or is it already on the web?

Whatya think?