Pokemon Go is already over

The speed of memes has been rising exponentially since the industrial revolution. When I was a child and a new idea or fad became popular it would take 1-2 years for the idea to spread and take a few more years for it to become officially dead. Just look at mullets from the 80’s!

Last week Pokemon Go hit the world like a ton of bricks. There was literally hundreds of people roaming the streets staring at their phones while walking. Today, I visibly can see a drastic diminishment of the zombie numbers on the sidewalks. My oldest kid said he gave it up and started playing Overwatch.

This whipsawing effect of new memes is the fastest I have ever seen. If you weren’t part of the pokemon revolution, don’t worry. It’s already over and a new meme is about to take its place.

Here are some funny vines about Pokemon Go.

Lastly, I think the reason for the quick demise of the game is the fact that you can only collect Pokemon. You really couldn’t battle all that much. The game was just too limiting.

UPDATE: From Google Trends

Short but powerful meme.

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