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There is a phrase called Wanderlust.

noun: a strong desire to travel.

There should be something called Ponderlust.

noun: a strong desire to contemplate.

I know many people who have this symptom. When faced with a situation, they want to think about it, alot. In one sense, this can be a form of procrastination. They think and think and think indefinitely until the problem goes away. In another context, ponderlust might just be a curious soul who wants to think about lots of problems deeply. I am probably the latter.

Too many people do not have ponderlust. They would prefer NOT to think about the problem at all. Take the people who support building a wall in our southern border. If they took the time to think about it, they would realize that it’s impractical, expensive and ineffective to solve the stated problem. These people do not have ponderlust. They just jump to conclusions.

The right mix combines a healthy dose of ponderlust with a sense of action. You need to take that pondering and do something with it. Pondering with no action is as bad as action without contemplation. The world and your own life is better when you mix the two.

How well do you balance analysis with action? This is something truly to ponder.



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