Positive Mental Attitude

It’s important to try things.  I don’t mean try them for 10 seconds.  I mean give it an honest chance at success.  I see it all the time, projects start with no real commitment and therefore no chance of success.  It’s all about having a positive mental attitude.

I remember many years ago, I saw a Tony Robbins speech. (The man is enormous, with a gigantic head).  I went with a few other people.  For those who have never seen it, a Tony Robbins show is a very interesting gathering.  People are amped up, screaming and yelling back to him.  It was high energy and clearly a cult-like group/experience.  I was the only one of my little party who tried to go along with the gag.  I yelled back to him, I listed closely to what he was saying. (He had a pearls of wisdom I carry with me to this day)

Everyone else in my little group was making fun of the whole crowd.  They poo-poo’d the concept and wouldn’t engage.  They thought it was silly and only for sheeple. (Sheep-people)

It’s easy to make fun of something.  It’s easy to hate food (movie/city/book)  before you experience it.  It’s easy to be a naysayer.  It’s hard to give something a fair shot.  It’s hard to believe, even when you don’t believe.

From my perspective, when I see someone go into a new experience with this negative attitude, I know that it will fail.  It’s extremely rare to succeed when you go in thinking it won’t.  I see it as a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Think of the last new thing you tried.  Were you skeptical right from the get-go or did you suspend disbelief and try to make it work.  Things don’t always turn out well.  In fact, new experiences will likely be sub-optimal.  But if you don’t try, you won’t learn.  Fail (with a good effort) and Learn are synonyms to me.

Give new experiences the best chance of success.  Have faith until you learn the truth.  Then you can discard the faith and rely on the experience.


Whatya think?