Presidential Debates

The presidential debates are this week. I’d love to be there to watch the practicing. I wish we had the Real World “Presidential Edition”. Meanwhile the campaigns try to low-ball expectations. Here is a quote from the Bush camp:

“Senator Kerry has been preparing his whole life for this moment,” Bartlett said. “He was an all-star debater in prep school and an all-star debater in Ivy League. He was 20 years in the most august debating society in years, the United States Senate. Will President Bush step on his own line and maybe not pronounce a word right? I bet he will.

This is the only time the campaigns say the other side is better than they are. It’s comical. Besides, these debates aren’t even debates. They are parallel press conferences*.

* I read this somewhere. It’s funny, but my wife gives me a hard time whenever I claim that I made up a line without a footnote.

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