Product Idea: Online Private Org Charts

Every organization I have ever been a part of has a shifting org structure.  Despite it changing all the time, people need to know who to contact in other departments and where people work and who they report to.  This usually isn’t public information, but it should be available to people who work in a company.

Take a site like or and mix it with LinkedIn. If they had a baby, that product would be a private org chart service that allowed you to see the corporate hierarchy and the LinkedIn profiles of the employees.  As corporate restructuring happens, the tree would be updated via an admin drag & drop interface.  It would be easy to “recommend” someone.

Maybe this is a good service for LinkedIn to produce since they have the most information and are trying to make additional revenues.  Maybe this is someone else like Yammer who is trying to be social inside the corporate walls.  Either way, I think this is something people would enjoy.

Is this a business?  Probably not.  However, it would still be cool to have.  Isn’t there a place in the world for cool things that I don’t want to pay money for?  Isn’t Google like that?  Isn’t WordPress like that?  I love these things and wish there were more of them.

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I’ve been thinking the same thing. I created this little app which allows you to build an Org Chart and link each person to linkedin just like you wrote. I think it would be good for sales teams as well, keeping a live/shared version of their customers org charts.

OrgMesh Org Charts

Try it and let me know what you think.

Curious is this went anywhere? I’m in a global sales role and could really use a tool to tie together LinkedIn profiles, contact details, and an org chart builder.

Whatya think?