Product Idea: Wearables for Women

Most technology products are geared towards men. The styles and capabilities are designed for bigger wrists. However, women all have smart phones too. In fact, they have an additional distinct disadvantage. They put their phones in their purse, where they don’t feel the vibration of a call. It’s a running joke in my family that my wife never answers her phone. If she had a wearable, I think she would realize the phone is ringing more often.

What she needs is a wearable, either a phone or some other kind of jewelry. There is a new product called Ringly which starts to enter that market. However, offerings needs to be more diverse. Bracelets with screens, necklaces, earrings and clothing all should be made for this unserved market. Women buy lots of accessories and their is no reason that some of them shouldn’t be connected to your smart phone.

Even something as simple as a thinner smart watch for women. It could have a smaller screen and still be quite functional. The more we miniaturize the components, the easier this will be. Someone will eventually make alot of money in this market.

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