Quiet Friday

I just got into work.  The floor is dark.  None of the lights are on.  No one is here.  Should I streak down the halls buck nekkit?  Helllloooooooo! (echo)

Fridays here are often like this.  Reminds me of the night Andy and I played pool at Sporting Life.  It was a converted warehouse, huge tall ceilings.  We were the only ones left.  They shut off all the lights except for our table.  It was so quiet you could hear the balls rolling on the felt and then down through the tracks and finally bump at the base.  It was one of the most zen-like moments of my life.  Everything was simple and made sense.  My senses were focused.

I miss that night and that feeling.  Although, I am glad I experienced it at all and that I can remember it now.

Whatya think?