Radio Found!

I found the radio I lost.  One might say it is a waste of money to buy the new radio and ear buds when I found the old ones, but I feel quite the opposite.  Buying an inferior solution made me value the old solution even more.  It made me all the happier to be reunited with my $15 friend.

When you have something you like, it might be a good idea to try a different thing.  It will give you perspective one way or the other.  In this case, it made me very happy and validated my choice.

It’s an Aiwa CR-LD101.  (Picture taken on my cheap-ass LG Verizon Flip phone, and shrunk down)

aiwa CR-LD101

The ear buds are better too.  The new ones fell out of my ear. There is no model on it, but it’s similar to this one, but in red.

One reply on “Radio Found!”

Sounds like this is the little radio that you want to use for the rest of your life.
Whenever I find a product like that, I go and buy several of them and put them in the closest. This way if one breaks or I lose one, I have a backup right there. Especially useful if they no longer make them.

I have 6 brand new logitech mice in the closet because sometime back in the late nineties they came out with a mouse that perfectly fits my hand. Nothing else I’ve tried since has ever come close.

I’m glad you found your radio! 🙂

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