Random Memory

Remember that guy Barry Sobel, the comedian who came on stage and said, I don’t have time for all my jokes, but I can give you the lunchlines. Then he rattled off a whole bunch of joke punchlines. Man, that was funny. Layer?! I don’t even know her!

Ok, in that spirit here are The Top 5 Amish Comedian Punchlines :

“Twenty mules, a sack of flour and a stout ox — same as in Intercourse.”

“‘Twas not a pitchfork I used to ring thy doorbell, sister Rebecca.”

“Thy mother is so stupid, she only has three sons named Samuel!”

“My magnificent erection? Why, thou art most welcome, dear Mary, but the whole *town* deserves thanks for thine new barn!”

and the Number 1 Amish Comedian Punchline…

“So *dis* is how I’d look vit a beard, Elder Daniel!”

Whatya think?