Random UX Judgements

 DISCLAIMER:  UX Judgements are harsh.  Don’t get upset or defensive.  Ignore them if you wish, but like Simon on American Idol, what I say hurts, but it’s true.

  • The date picker in Google Analytics on the left is not obvious.  The only way to make a custom range is to find a hidden icon no where near the chart.  The icon should be on the top right of the chart itself.
  • Mantis Bug Tracker is totally lame. Possibly the worst UI ever.  Who designed this thing?  Blind people?  I wanted to change the columns displayed in my main view.  I had to enter in an ARRAY in a backend form.  Check out these convoluted instructions.  This program is obviously for programmers.  How do I know?  Every programmer at work thinks it’s great.  I am the only one smacking my forehead in disbelief.  It’s free so, I shouldn’t complain.  But still.  Anyone from Mantis who wants free UX help, please let me know.  I freely volunteer.
  • Amazon.com is so smart ad the UI is so easy.  Case in point:  Amazon Prime.  I just bought some CD-R discs, cheap speakers and a book by John Resig.  Normally, I would say, "Oh, I should get it locally to save shipping."  But Amazon is cheaper and with Prime the shipping is virtually free.  It was so quick and simple. PLus they saved my credit card.  I was going to buy the speakers at newegg.com but decided that the free shipping was just too beneficial.
  • Vista Sidebar is cool, but what happened to the desktop search I could embed as a gadget.  Why isn’t there a Desktop Search gadget??  I stopped using the sidebar because of this.


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i was randomly looking at your online resume and it’s really ugly.  You should clean it up, in fact, i suggest that the online resume itself be an example of your online design skills.  Resumes are a perfect place to have hidden data that the user can expand, or neat-o links or effects.  I am surprised that on-line resumes are the standard by now, but they will be soon.  

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