Spam supression on WordPress

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Recently, I have been getting alot of comments fall into the Akismet net. I am experimenting with a Captcha plugin for WordPress. A captcha forces the user to type in a word before they can comment. Spambots can not read the words, so only human beings can make it work.

The one I am trying right now is reCAPTCHA. reCAPTCHA is a project of the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University. You can see the team members here. It doesn’t look so bad, but I wish it had an option of one word versus two. I’d like to test if one word is enough to discourage my spambot enemies. The design is nice and it has accessibility options for the blind. Additionally, it helps improve book reading technology, which in turn should help bots break captcha filters in the first place. Oh well.

FIVE MINUTES LATER: Turns out, I had to uninstall it. It didn’t work in IE7 for my setup. Not sure why. Ok,after some reading, I discovered that Captchas aren’t that good anyway. I stumbled upon this new thing called HashCash. Trying it out now. Let’s see if I update again in 3 minutes.

THREE MINUTES LATER:  Ok, I think it looks ok.  Please let me know if it busts somehow.  JavaScript is required to comment now.


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