Roku vs Google Chromecast

I have been using the Roku Soundbar with remote speakers for about a year. The speakers are by far the best part. They connect immediately and provide excellent surround sound. Plus the built-in Roku means significantly fewer wires. We have most streaming services including YouTube TV.

Unfortunately, Google and Roku are in a spat. Let’s face it, Google is using their vertical integration to bully Roku. It’s a classic monopolistic power play. Both Roku and Google are emailing me telling me it’s the other guys fault. Either way, there is a risk that YouTube TV may be removed from Roku. (As of this writing it still works.)

So I wanted to hedge my bets and look at alternatives. Besides Roku, options are either Apple TV or Google Chromecast. Google was significantly cheaper, so I went their $50 Chromecast with YouTube TV.

Spolier: Roku lost. Sadly, it wasn’t really that close.

Roku did an amazing job with the hardware. However, the problem with Roku is that doesn’t really do a good job with the software. There is no unified UI. The search is unusable. I’ve tried it before and it never comes up with the right answer. Additionally, the Roku voice control is fairly useless. I never use it.

On the other hand, Google TV has a really compelling interface that brings together all of my services. It really feels like I just have one mega service. The voice control, Google Assistant, is a revelation. I am not a voice control person in general. When I tried it, all I can say is that it just worked. We were watching the Warriors and told it “fast forward 2 minutes” and it was quick, responsive and accurate. It doesn’t allow “skip commercials”. Oh well.

The big problem is that switching would be rewarding a bully (Google). The lesson for Roku is that you have to innovate and focus on the user experience. UX dominates the winners and losers at the end of the day. On the downside, the Chromecast is an extra wire AND I really don’t want to give the monopoly my vote. If the UX was even close, I would stick with Roku and consider a different service over YouTube TV. (I am still considering it)

A smart feature of a television would be to have a USB port that could power a chromecast or other device.

I’m discovering new features of the Chromecast each day. Nice job on the UX. Roku, you have some copying/designing to do. Also, I hope your lawyers can get them slapped with some fines or even break up their monopoly. Good luck!


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  1. Daniel Lipka Avatar
    Daniel Lipka

    Why use either? Every modern TV has access to all the major streaming services built in. For the older TVs I have, I just bought a $20 blu-ray player that has the streaming services built in (and I get a blu-ray player). What are the advantages of paying extra for either Chromecast or Roku.

  2. Glen Lipka Avatar
    Glen Lipka

    The TV has Android TV build in. However, it is a different interface than the Chromecast with Google TV. It’s painfully slow comparatively. Also, there are certain services (example: Hulu) that will not scale up to to 4k on my TV but will on a dedicated device. I tried to use just the TV at first, but ran into problems and had to switch.

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