S.K.Y. Restaurant Review

I had an incredible meal in Chicago last week. It was quite memorable. I wish I could eat at places like this every day. Here is my experience at S.K.Y. Restaurant.

The Entrance

I didn’t even realize it was the restaurant. There is no sign. No windows in. It’s just this door. Super weird.

S.K.Y Entrance

Inside, it’s quite nice. Cozy, but not crowded. It was nice to see the kitchen.

The Amouse Bouche

This little bite was an amazing start. It was crunchy, it was creamy. It somehow made me smile. It tasted delicious.

Amouse Bouche
Cornbread Madeleines

I can’t explain this. It just made me smile like a goofball. It was intoxicating. The butter was magical. I wanted to keep these in my mouth forever.

Cornbread Madeleines
S.K.Y. Chicken

I could eat this every day for the rest of my life. Each component (Chicken, Corn, Sauce) were just fine by themselves. However, when I put them together, something magical happened. I was so happy eating this dish. I wanted to lick the plate.

S.K.Y. Chicken
Hamachi Sashimi

Jared (son) loved this one. I thought it was excellent, but not extraordinary. I did love the acid and texture. This place loved texture in the food.

Main lobester dumplings

I didn’t like this one. I thought they were chewy. However, Jared liked this one alot.

Lobster Dumplings
Foie Gras Bibimbap

This was a tasty dish. Better than any bibimbap that I have had before. It wasn’t the highlight of the evening, but very tasty.

Foie Gras Bibimbap
Crispy skin Striped Bass

Very tasty. The skin was the best part.

Crispy Skin Striped Bass
Cheesecake Brûlée

This was one of the best deserts I have ever had. We all wanted to lick the plate clean. I think this picture isn’t exactly right. They clearly change the details seasonally.

Cheesecake Brûlée
Black Truffle Pavlova

The best way to describe this is a fancy S’more. I didn’t love it. This was the one part of the meal I wish I didn’t order. Give me more of that cheesecake please!

Black Truffle Pavlova
Coconut and Cream

I actually loved this little bowl. It was crunchy and creamy and just tasted great. It wasn’t the cheesecake, but still excellent. Did I mention the cheesecake was spectacular?

Coconut and Cream

I wish I could eat at places like this every day. It was a rare pleasure and delight. It wasn’t even that crowded. I was smiling ear-to-ear after this meal. If you are ever in Chicago, I highly recommend it.

Bon Appétit!


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