Sencha 2010 UX Presentation

The video from my Sencha presentation is live on Vimeo.  Whenever I see myself on video, I have a strong negative reaction to the way I look, the way my voice sounds, the way I move my arms like I am popping and locking my way through the presentation.  I asked around a bit and it seems most people have this reaction.  In my mind, I look and sound like Brad Pitt in Fight Club.  When I see my video, I think Danny DeVito or Jason Alexander instead.  My eyes look like I am a deer in the headlights.

Well, I hope the content at least is engaging.

What do you think?

3 replies on “Sencha 2010 UX Presentation”

You look fine to me — you’re at a technical conference; if there’s one place you can go to where people aren’t going to be criticizing your appearance and actually _will_ be listening to what you say, this is it.

Well you may look like Forest Gump, but you sound good and I think you are communicating well. No notes, you move around, you know the topic inside and out, and what is coming next, all great. However, I wonder (in the beginning) if you were nervous or just holding back. You are so passionate about this subject, yet that doesn’t come through (although it gets better as you go along). If you want to get even better, try Toastmasters.

Whatya think?