Size Matters

Contrary to what you have heard, size matters. However, bigger isn’t always better.  Here is the rundown:

In business, if you are taller, you are more likely to be promoted.  Also, in SmartPhones, a taller screen is helpful.  Especially if you are scrolling down.  In fact, I have three screens on my desk. See below.


Notice how the middle monitor is turned sideways?  That is because It allows me to read more of the email.  Wider isn’t useful for that, taller is.  I like my smart phone’s to be tall for the same reason.  I can see more text that way.

Width is more important for other types of activities.  PowerPoint 2013 works great when my screen is very wide.  I have several panel toolbars open at once, in addition to my Trillian panel docked on the side.  A wide screen is indispensable when you have multiple vertical toolbars.

Girth, ah yes.  Good right? Wrong.  Thicker is never better.  I want my TV to be as close to the wall as possible.  I want my m desk monitors to be as thin as possible.  Laptops? Yes, of course, thin, thin, thin. The most important thin is for my wrist watch.  I wear the Asus Zenwatch.  It’s thin, but not thin enough. I didn’t get the Moto 360 because it was too thick. The iWatch from Apple is also too thick.   See my watch below, it could be a little thinner, right?


Thick is bad, period.  In the future, devices will allow paper thin interfaces, but then a different measure will come into play. Heft.

It’s not always better to be lighter.  I want my tennis rackets light, but not too light. I want my wrist watch to have an appropriate heft to it. It should feel like something, not invisible.  A super light phone will feel cheap and be difficult to hold to your ear.  A light TV or Monitor is appropriate, but be careful of it feeling cheap.

So, apparently, size does matter.  How big is yours?


Whatya think?