Social Buzz Verbs

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Google recently release Google Buzz.  This is a different service than Yahoo Buzz.  Of course, this is completely different than AT&T  Why are all these web 2.0 social services named Buzz?  Why that verb?

Facebook just released their “Like” button that you spread around the web.  Don’t confuse this with the Google Reader “Like” button.  I added a Like Button on the right column.  Click it now!

Why is this copycat verbing happening?  You would think that Google would want their service to be clear.  Naming it buzz instantly confuses it with the other buzzes.  “Like” replaced “become a fan” but still it’s pretty generic.  Still, these services are gaining some traction.  One of the reasons is that they are inherently social and viral.

Realistically, some will succeed and some will fail. To be honest, I never use any of the Buzzes or the Likes.  I have so many channels of communication right now, I need to restrict some of them or I will get sucked into reacting to every little blip in my social universe.  All of these widgets are starting to be noise to me.

Given that sort of situation, my UX advice is to choose your style and naming carefully.  The barrier to entry into my mindshare is getting higher and higher.  You better have something special and easy and valuable and fun.  Easier said than done, I know.

Social Buzz Verbs.  Get it? like Buzz words, but Buzz verbs.  It’s a play on words.


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