Some blog tweaks

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Yesterday, our house guest, Jörn, showed me how to change the URLs on WordPress. The old links still work, but now the new links will show up better in other places, like Google Analytics. You can see how the links are useless to tell me what page that was. I basically have to click through. With the new links I will get a much better idea of what page they were on.

In doing this I was analyzing the traffic patterns of my blog. Every once in a while, I get picked up on This usually sends somewhere around 1000 people to that page. But those people rarely look at any other page on the blog. Take a look at these two screen shots. The first is looking at ALL pages tracked by Google Analytics.

This one looks like my blog is getting more exposure. However, if we look ONLY at the home page, then it is a very different story.

In this view, the index shows the actual traffic and people who look at my blog from the index. Way less. In fact, I checked out some Google Webmaster tools, which show how many people have your blog in their Google Reader. Mine has 3. I am way less impressive that I had thought. This is probably a good thing.

For anyone interested in search engine rankings, I strongly suggest checking out those Webmaster tools. They are very eye opening.


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