Sprained Wrist

I play alot of tennis. It is my favorite pastime and I feel I am pretty good at it. MY USTA level is 4.0. The best part of my game is my serve. This is virtually the only physical exercise I get on a weekly basis.

Last September, I played mixed doubles one fateful night.  The next day, my wrist hurt.  I had to play again in the Sectional Playoffs, so I gobbled up Advil and wrapped the wrist in a brace.  That was painful, but tolerable.

Since the playoffs were over, I allowed my wrist to heal.  October…November…December.  Why wasn’t it healing?  I started to ask my doctors at Kaiser Permanente. The first doctor said it was a sprain and would take a few weeks.  The second doctor said it was a sprain and it could take a few months.  Then I got an xRAY and MRI.  The last doctor eliminated all other possibilities (like occult ganglions and torn ligaments).  he said it was a sprain and might take up to a year to heal.

How could such divergent healing schedules be told to me?  It seems like they were just randomly picking a date in the future and hoping I stop bothering them.

I tried to play again by taping up the wrist and using a brace.  Not only was my game terrible, but the pain lasted about a week. (My game dropped to roughly 3.0 level)  The last doctor said that if I push it, I could end up with a rupture and much more serious injury.

I am left in a quandary.  I can’t play and currently get no exercise.  The doctor has given me no course of action other than to stop playing.  I am using a gyro ball as a form of physical therapy. I have no idea when I should start playing.

If this continues, I am considering getting a ball machine and practicing lefty.  I wonder how long it would take me to get to 3.0 or 3.5 level as a lefty.

Growing old sucks.  Hair falls out.  You get fat. Your body started to fail.  Excema.  Ugh. Even if I heal, I likely will have to wear a wrist brace for the rest of my life.  Thanks Old Age.

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I feel your pain (literally). I haven’t played tennis since my back exploded (3 years ago). More than that, I haven’t done much of anything and am in terrible shape. Switch to lefty before it’s too late. As a mostly righty, who was forced to play lefty, it will not be easy, especially your serve. And expect new injuries (my bet will be on left shoulder). And who cares how good you are, you’re playing lefty.

And if you lose a match, you could always break out “I know something you do not know, I am not left handed”. And you smash a regular serve down the middle as walk away smiling (and not showing much more you just hurt your wrist.)

Or you can try the “InMotion Wrist exoskeletal robot”

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