Statistics and Love

The number of people on earth is over 6 Billion.

Lets say roughly half of those people are eligable as potential “soul mates”. Thats 3 billion.

Think about how many of those people you have personally met. How many will you EVER meet? A few thousand tops? Its such a tiny sliver of a fraction.

But keep in mind that alot of people do eventually meet and marry their soul mates. This leads me to conclude that it is relatively easy for humans to find compatible mates. Maybe 1 in 1000 or 0.1% chance.

That means with 3 billion potential mates, narrowed down for age requirements, you still are left with millions of potential “soul mates”.

So you can either look at it as 1 in a 1000 is hard, or there are a million “soul mates” out there for me. I just need to look out for one. Chances are: You will find it.

4 replies on “Statistics and Love”

Do you really want to count everyone in the world? Wouldn’t I need to have some connection to them in order to pursue a relationship (at least the same language or basic background)? Or are you talking about finding a certain person would be a soul mate if it wasn’t for these issues. More importantly the idea of a soul mate is silly, we should think about reality and finding people that cause the most mutually happiness. Happiness, what else is there?

Whatya think?