Stuff to do

  • Buy a TV. Costco had some good deals. I think we want a 40-50 inch thin profile (but not hang on the wall thin) LCD HDTV. Then of course we need a stand to put it on which will have our components. I need to decide whether or not to scrap the surround sound. It’s nice, but all the wires and stuff are annoying to manage. I could just stick the TV speakers.
  • Buy a computer. I need to have a computer for me to play with. I want to install the 64-bit of Windows XP. And then Longhorn when it reaches the next beta. I am skipping the laptop idea and focusing on a desktop. The choice is AMD-64 or Intel Pentium D to start. A friend just got a SWEET deal from Dell six days ago. 4 gigs of ram, Pentium D for $1200. I called Dell and showed them the invoice. They told me No. I can’t believe it. I missed out on the perfect deal by 6 days. Yuck.
  • Buy a lawn mower. We are trying to do our own gardening. I need to decide on the old school manual hand mower or an electric mower. The lawn isnt that big, but I am worried the hand mower will be too much of a work out for me. The price difference isn’t that much. $80 for the manual, $130 for the electric.
  • Buy a bathroom cabinet that hangs on the wall. I also need to put up our hooks and bars and things in the bathroom.
  • Keep putting things away. We are getting close, but still more to go. We also need to get boxes that are at Penny’s to put away. More books!
  • Buy Bagels. I have good cold cuts from Mollie Stone’s. I need to eat them. I don’t like going out for lunch. I like eating at my desk. My fort. My cube.

That’s it. Piece of cake.

Whatya think?