Stupid Decisions Kill History

Apparently, NASA has lost the original high quality footage of the 1969 moon landing.  Apparently, in the 80’s we sent new spy satellites into space that were recording a ton of new footage.  NASA was overwhelmed by the amount of tape required to store the footage, so they ERASED THE MOON LANDING to put some spy footage on instead.

Nice.  Great decision there.  It’s like when they burned the library in Alexandria to the ground because they wanted to make a new parking lot for the first Walmart.

Take a moment to listen to the original We Choose to Go to the Moon speech from Kennedy.

Notice how a great soundtrack makes the speech more momentous?  If I were a politician, I would make sure there was inspirational music playing during the all of my speeches.  Also, here is the low quality footage we didn’t lose.

They are talking about trying to digitally enhance the crappy footage. It’s like when Ted Turner colorized those classic old movies like Casablanca. Ugh, I hate when stupid decisions kill history.

Whatya think?