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I have been using PowerPoint to do my UX Design at Marketo.  I used to use Visio for this, but I really like the ability of PowerPoint to make quick animations.  I should probably give Visio a try again, but regardless, I have a suggestion for the next version of PowerPoint.  I hope someone over there is listening.

  1. Develop a few UI shapes.  Drop down box, scrollbar, text box, etc.  At the simplest level, they could just look like these UI widgets.  At best, you could right click on them and fill in the insides so they could be used in a mockup prototype sort of way.
  2. Allow “objects” to be created.  I have 30 slides of 90% identical stuff.  And when I change my mind on the wording of something, I need to change it 30 times.  If there were objects, I could create a thing once, drag it in and then change the original object.  Flash has this concept.
  3. Have a “show callouts” key or button in slideShow mode.  This would show/or hide the callouts.  I use callouts to give specific information about element.  Toggling them would help alot.

Anyway, some of these might already be there.  It’s a deep program.  I like it alot.


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  1. rachel Avatar

    For #1, perhaps a small clipart library would serve?

    For #2, you could try putting more stuff into the template in ‘Slide Master’ mode.

    Can’t help you with #3, sorry.

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