Summer Sabbatical 2015

In many silicon valley companies, you can earn a sabbatical after 7 years in the same company. While many people jump from company to company each year, I have been lucky enough to find a home for a longer period of time. So this summer, I decided to take my vacation (2 weeks) and sabbatical (6 weeks) all in one.

My plan is to play alot of tennis, do household projects (like a new front door) and try to compile this blog into a book.  So far, the tennis is going well and some projects have progressed forward.  The book is going a little slower than I would have liked. I have a table of contents all worked out, but I feel like the blog posts only give me the idea, not the written text. I basically need to rewrite it all.  It’s like writing 50 blog posts in 6 weeks.

Well, no one told me writing a book was easy.

I started using Adobe InDesign, but switched to Microsoft Word 2016 beta instead. Indesign was giving me too much grief in the writing process.  When all of the text is done, I will consider laying it out again in Adobe, but for now, I just need a good editor.

Two friends (Team JenAnna) have agreed to help me with Illustrations. Hopefully, I can make it worth their while. I’ve written 13 pages so far.  Not nearly enough.

Other than the book, I am sleeping well and relatively stress free. For anyone who has earned the benefit, I definitely recommend it.


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Meanwhile in San Diego, you end up either working a short-term contract (6 months usually), or for a company that doesn’t get what a UX designer is supposed to be doing (and somehow end up doing all the creative for marketing and made product owner on more than one project (all at the same pay of course) with a CEO who used to be a professional dancer (that’s the PC term). So nothing lasts for long on the bottom of the state. Even a vacation (not forced between gigs) would be welcomed. You’re a blessed man, Glen.

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