Just finished watching Superbad from Netflix.  At first I thought it was funny.  There were some scenes that I laughed out loud.  Couldn’t breathe sort of laughing.  Katie was laughing too.  Then after a while, I started feeling bored.  Something else too.  I was feeling like, “This is way too much like high school, except high school had no excitement”  Something about it made me remember all the awkward times of my teen years.  It was painful.  I was a complete moron in hindsight.  My god, what was I doing?

Maybe I am still stupid in some of those ways.  I am still obsessed with the same base things that I was at 16.  Am I out of the ordinary?  Do other adults really think differently than me?  Yes, I have changed.  I don’t know.  How can you compare yourself as a teen with yourself as an adult?

This is the first “teen movie” I have seen in years.  It really was a bad idea.  This movie wasn’t good.

As a kid in my teens and twenties, I often was the designated driver.  Mostly because I didn’t trust any one to NOT drink.  Maybe there was something else.  Anyway, the point is, I often watched my peers get hammered and then laugh their asses off at anything.  I, being sober, would roll my eyes, knowing the joke wasn’t really funny.   Superbad was just like that.  It was like I was sober and everyone in the movie was drunk.

Anyway, the movie was bad and made me feel lame about my pre-Katie years.  Plus it made me annoyed with the possibility that I am still lame.  Plus there was zero nudity in the whole movie.  What is up with that??

Yes, I am clearly still lame.

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Aye, I wondered about that, too, what with the R rating and all — I guess it’s because there were minors in the movie, and certain people were worried about “crossing a line” or something.

Sorry — I’m getting old. They’re not minors at all, as far as I can see (aside from “Fogell” who might’ve been only 17). Maybe they just couldn’t pay anyone enough to take their clothes off (seems unlikely, though).

Whatya think?