Superbowl L

This year was Superbowl XLIX or “49” to us normal people.  Next year, is 50, therefore Superbowl L.  Doesn’t quite have a ring to it, but 50 is a milestone. The institution has held up over the years and not turned into a joke that is painful to watch. You know who I am talking about Academy Awards!

Superbowl L may be my year.  It’s L for Lipka, right?  L for Lucky.  Or Maybe L for losers. I mean, of course, the New York Jets.  They have a new coach and new GM. Lots of salary cap space. They have no quarterback, but who knows what will happen.

Every year, I hope for the best and every year, I am disappointed.  However, all of those years the Superbowl has an X in the name.  Not next year.  L! L for Lipka! Maybe I am out of my mind, but I will predict it anyway.

The New York Jets will make it to Superbowl L … and lose.  L for losers.

Sometimes I think my brain is broken.

Whatya think?