Superbowl XL

Pretty good game. The Pittsburgh Steelers won the game. Several plays (interceptions) could have changed the game. Each team had a chance to win and the defenses stepped up. In general, the Seattle Seahawks wide receivers dropped the ball several times in several key plays. I think that may be the ultimate difference. This game could have gone either way.

The commercials were pretty good. I really liked the FedEx commercial early in the game. There was another I laughed at, but I can’t remember it. Katie loved the United Airlines commercial because it looked so beautiful. I thought the Pepsi commercials were stupid. I hated the big production number for Burger King.

Speaking of Burger King, I have liked their recent campaign of putting the King overlayed on top of NFL games. I thought Burger King missed a huge opportunity to replay the best plays of the Superbowl with the King. Poor Form, King.

Next step: Pray for a brilliant draft pick for the Jets. Please God, stop torturing me.

2 replies on “Superbowl XL”

I have to disagree, I thought it was one of the worst games I’ve ever seen. Dropped passes, no game plans, questionable officiating, no stars, only two very good plays, terrible decisions, terrible clock management, bad defense, worse offence. The way they played, New England, Denver, Indy would have crushed them (if they played an average game). Both teams choked and it was horrible boring to watch. Ugggg. It will be better next year when the Jets…I can’t even finish that sentence, it’s so ridiculous.

Whatya think?