Every once in a while, I do a little exploration on the web to look for interesting things.  I don’t do it that often because it is a road that leads to everywhere and I could get lost for hours.  However, I feel compelled to do it a little bit of the time and this morning was one of those times.  I started with a Google Search of UI Blog.  Here is what I found in the order I found it:

  1. User-Interface Blog – Looks promising.  I will subscribe.
  2. Jensen Harris Blog – Microsoft Office guy who blogs about UI.  I am going to subscribe.
  3. Microsoft Officce Labs – Like Google Labs.  They are ideas and experiments.  Good place for some beta software.
  4. SharePointPedia – This is a neat resource on SharePoint.  They are trying to use it like Wikipedia, which I think is fairly brilliant.  Sharepoint might be the coolest web application that exists.  I love it.  I wish I could install the latest version at Marketo, but unfortunately, time is a scarce resource.  Hopefully, we will get an IT person in this year.
  5. Taskmarket – This is a site where businesses can find freelancers.  I am going to try it for graphic design.  The neat thing: It’s based on Sharepoint.
  6. Sharepoint public demo (latest version) – Sharepoint reminds me of Intuit’s quickbase.  Great applications that don’t get enough respect.

That’s when I came up for air.  I like Design blogs.  If you know if a good one, let me know.

2 replies on “Surfing”

It all started with my first application design, Hotkoko. Take a look at the pictures. That’s about 10 years ago.

The application was centered around file management and was one of the first functional intranet/extranet. Sharepoint achieved much that I had envisioned. Permissions, integration with LDAP, WebDAV so you could drag and drop from the desktop, search, etc etc. The lists features with the extensible data model is really powerful.

They definitely don’t get the props because of other factors. For example, imagine Sharepoint that was open source and as easy to install as WordPress. It would be huge. Its the dependency on Windows Server and that is the the reason it will never be a mass adopted product. I should post on this separately. 🙂

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