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Chrome recently updated their browser and added a much needed feature. It’s called Tab Groups. Firefox used to have it and for some reason lost it. Here is how it works. First, update chrome by clicking the top right kabob (three dots) and then Help → About Chrome. It should pop open a tab where you can relaunch with the update.

Now when right click on a tab, you should see the following menu.

[Add Tab to Group] will let you add that tab to an existing group or make up a new group. For work, these are the ones I chose.

GMail and Calendar are pinned on the left because I use them constantly. After that, I groups all of the applications I use such as Trello and other logins. Google drive and Confluence get their own groups because those seem to be the worst offenders of “too many tabs open”.

If I open them all, it’s too many tabs. But closed, it is nice a neat. A dream come true for someone who likes to keep things orderly. I love this feature. Brava Chrome!

No criticism?

😂 Haha, no, of course not. I have one major criticism. When you expand the tab, it only expands horizontally. The problem with that is that you still can’t see the titles. It would be better if I could click something and see the tabs of a tab group vertically.

Firefox has an add-on to show all of the tabs vertically, but not in groups.

I want to combine the two different modes. I want to collapse tabs horizontally at the top AND see the children of those tabs vertically when I want to. That would be ideal.

Still, a great feature and I hope Firefox brings tab groups back. I wonder how this can influence my B2B application. Good things to ponder.

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  1. Thanks for the heads up about this. Love this new feature! I’ve already organized my mess of tabs into neat groups, while pruning back a bunch. My gripe about the implementation is that it doesn’t handle multiple monitor setups well. Tab groups are constrained to each monitor, which hamstrings their effectiveness. They should be global across all monitors.

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