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Now that the election is over, I have this strange feeling. Usually, I enjoy the political discussion and want to listen to the news. Over the last few days, listening to the news is the LAST thing I want to do.

Can the world be made a better place? Can the good guys win? Are there any good guys anyway? No seriously, We have enormous poverty in the world. Would John Kerry really have made the percentages shift to a better world for more people? Maybe a little? But I am impatient.

Anyway, I am shifting my focus to technology for a little while. I am obsessed with becoming a better Internet Explorer programmer. I am about to start a book on DOM, the Document Object Model. I am going to make a website and start putting samples of DOM stuff. Hopefully I can turn it all into a book eventually. Ill post the URL of the site I’m making soon.

Whatya think?