Tennis in my head

In tennis, there is a terrible disease called, “Your inner dialogue.”  I have this in spades.  I just recently got my raquet restrung with a different string.  The pro said, the softer string will break sooner, and the medium string will have less touch.  So when I played, I literally couldn’t keep the ball in the court.  Everything went deep.  Even my drop shots went deep.  So I said, “Damn it” and cursed the bad strings.

Then I called Bruce. (nice dome)  Bruce said that  the medium strings would go LESS far.  That I would have LESS power.  He said I hit out because I thought I would hit out.  It was the stupid pro who put the idea in my head.  It was my own brain that conspired against me.

Then during the game, I kept talking to myself.  I couldn’t stop.  I tried singing songs.  I tried everything.  It was killing me.  My headvoice kept giving me advice that kept making things worse.

I wonder if people do that alot in other activities, not just sports.  Does my inner dialog mess up my blog?  How does one get rid of the inner dialogue?  How does one control one’s own brain.  Hmm.

Whatya think?