I went to an Orthopedic to check out my elbow.  It had beeen bothering me for a month or so.  He says its tendonitis and will go away.  I told him, "Not in my family it doesn’t.  Once we get hurt, we stay hurt."  But he gave me pills and suggestions.  if all else fails, he said ultrasound will help.

For those who don’t know, I won the 3.5 division last season.  Check out my name on the right side of this page. Now I am in the 3.5-4.5 league playing much better players.  I lost the first match.  I should have won, but I fell apart.  I blame the elbow.

The second match I won and felt good about it.  Despite my elbow, this time.  Third match, he forfeited.  Elbow was fine for that one.  Next, I play another guy.  We shall see.  Hopefully these pills and the week off helped.

I am thinking about a new raquet.  Mine is getting a little crusty.  I tried the Nadal raquet when Daniel was here, and that one hurt my arm alot.  It did however, put a lot more kick on my shots.  I need to demo a few more.  I wonder if it was the top-heavy nature of the raquet giving me the spin.  Hmm.  Fascinating, I know.

Whatya think?