Thanksgiving and the UX of Digital Pictures

We had a nice Thanksgiving this year.  Penny was happyKatie was happy, but not taller than Darcie.  The kids got to ride their bikes in an empty mall parking lotEthan got to cook a little.  Ben and Darcie were happy with their new baby Henry.  All the extended family was there.  Everyone had a good time.  Everyone took pictures.   The funny thing is: I will never see those photos.

It’s strange.  Everyone I know has a digital camera.  No one takes pictures on a 35 mm anymore.  But even today, we received IN THE MAIL (not e-mail but real post office mail) a picture of Katie’s friend’s kid in New Jersey.  What is up with that?  Emailing a picture is one thing, way easier than mail.  But what about an online pictures site?  There are a gillion of them. and they are free!  Picasa is so easy to manage and upload.  I really don’t understand why people don’t put their digital pictures online.

I set it up for Darcie and showed her how to upload.  I wonder if she will do it.  It literally is one click.  Something about online photos scare people.  Maybe that stalker who obsesses about me will find the photos and make a Glen alter in his closet.  All the photos will have my left eye circled.  Boogie woogie woogie!!!

Actually, just writing that gave me the heebie jeebies.  Maybe that is it.  The fear of the unknown stalker boogie man is going to take out pictures and do nasty things.  Do pictures really contain something of our souls?   I am not sure.  But I wish more of my family had online galleries.  I need to fill out my closet alter, alot.

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If someone showed me what to do, I would have an online gallery. If only one of my sons knew something about the computer. Oh well…….Yo Momma

I had a similar discussion with my father this weekend. He and Mom both have digital cameras, but they refuse to use online photo sharing services. When I asked him why, he said it was because his photos were private, not something he wanted the world to see. I pointed out to him that he was posting his travel photos, some of which are quite good, and none of which he would be embarrassed to have his name attached to, but he would have none of it.

I think it must be generational.

Whatya think?