The 10X Expert Opinion

There are lots of opinions. However, there are opinions you should take much more seriously than others. These are the opinions of 10x people.

A 10x person is someone who can do the work of 10 people. When I worked with Crash Tung, he looked me in the eye and said, “Don’t hold back!” As a designer, that is incredible. He produced code that 10 other engineers would fail to execute. There are several other engineers I have worked with that can exceed normal boundaries of volume, creativity and quality.

We all have worked with people who can do more at higher quality rates than other people.  I believe that I am one of those people when it comes to UX Design and also Presentations (public speaking with slides). I typically can do more in an hour than most can do in a day at a much higher quality level. Humility and humbleness are nice things, but in this case I am proud of my skillz. (That’s right, with a z at the end, boom!)

The point of this post is that the opinion of a 10x person is worth the opinion of 10 people. When Crash tells me something is true, I need ALOT of proof that he is wrong, because he has proven himself to me that he is an expert. When my cousin (who was a professional tennis player) says something about tennis, I give it 10x the weight of a normal opinion. When my mother-in-law tells me something about weaving, I put skepticism aside. She is an expert.

Too often, people think that even normal expert opinions are not valuable. Politicians do it all the time, throwing doubt on the opinion of scientists about their expert field. The truth is that MOST experts are not 10x experts. They are normal experts. Their opinions should be regarded, but it is fine to be a bit skeptical until they prove themselves.  However, when you find a 10x opinion, you should listen.

This post is obviously self-serving. You got me there. However, that doesn’t make the content untrue.

HINT: How can you identify a 10x expert? Listen for opinions that don’t sound anything like a normal opinion. In fact, it usually has counter-intuitive advice. When you found it, it’s either a crackpot or a genius. (or both)

Whatya think?