The Cell Phone Pocket Test

Put your cell phone in your pocket.  “Lock it” if it has that feature.  Now walk around for a little while. If your phone has dialed three people and text messaged two more, then your phone has failed the Cell Phone Pocket Test.

Just for full disclosure, my phone has failed this test miserably.

What the heck?  Is this such an odd use case?  A jeans pocket?  Walking?  Come on.  Designers out there, get serious!  You can’t just design what the product manager tells you to.  You have to make sure you maintain professional integrity.

Think about what you are building and how people are really (REALLY) going to use it.  If it does the wrong thing at least 1 our of 10 times, you are not designing well.  It’s hard to get out there and live the life, walk in the shoes, be the ball; but you have to do it if you want a successful product that people love.  Needless to say, I don’t love the OS of my phone.

4 replies on “The Cell Phone Pocket Test”

I have a blackberry pearl and I have this problem too. I am amazing about how annoying it is to unlock the phone and basically how the lock doesn’t work very well anyway. I really miss have a clam shell style phone. I never had this problem and I didn’t have to be as careful the phone. I think I have another year locked into our Sprint contract and then I am off to the blissful world of Verizon and a new phone.

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