The End of The Shield

The Shield was my favorite show on television.  It’s over now.  They had 7 seasons and went out on top.  The show never got boring, never became ridiculous.  No one was ever abducted by aliens.  The writing was always excellent, the plot was great and the acting was superb.  I loved every minute of it.

The show actually ended a couple of weeks ago.  I felt very drained afterwards.  It ended in a way I expected.  No loose ends, no wondering what happens.  Just simple closure with the same basic premise.  We were rooting for a bad guy.  That was the show.  It showed how you could hate a good guy and love a bad guy.  It showed how following a bad guy that you love leads to trouble.  It showed how being a good guy that people hate will also lead to trouble.

I miss the show already, but I am also happy that it’s gone.  The show left me with tons of mixed emotions.

That is the hallmark of great writing and great design.  It evokes emotions and leaves you with a connection.  Great job to everyone involved.  I thank them for that connection.

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