The Gateway LT2016u Netbook from Verizon

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This is just unbelieveable. Look at this Gateway Netbook from Verizon.

First of all, $99!  Are you kidding me?  That is ridiculously cheap.  It’s got the same power  as my EeePC that I bought for $350 and I carry with me all the time.  Plus it’s lighter!

Second, it comes with Verizon wireless built in.  That means it is basically a “connected” laptop 100% of the time.  So for $40 a month, you get ubiquitous connectivity in an easy-to-carry full-blow operating system.

This is incredible.  Of course, a full blow laptop is a little too big to put in your pocket and you wouldn’t want to hold it to your ear for a phone call.  However, it’s still an incredible value. It even has a built in camera for video conferencing.  Of course, I haven’t used my own camera for that yet.  I thought video conferencing would catch on a bit more.  But I digress.  Great value/device.


  1. I’d be nice, and I’d love to get one if A) the $40 a month plan wasn’t limited to 250mb of bandwidth a month (that’s ridiculous), and B) you weren’t locked into a 2-year contract on purchase. 🙁

  2. Not your fault. Verizon’s definition of “unlimited” is quite different from a normal person’s.

    You’ve got a 30-day legally-mandated “buyer’s remorse” period, though, in which they can’t charge you contract-breaking fees. Check up on it. 😉

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