The inspiration of Music

I often dream of being a famous song writer.  Being the front man in a famous rock band isn’t the point for me.  Music draws enormous groups of people and focuses them extremely concise topics.  In short, the audience sings the song along with the band.  They memorize the lyrics at home and in their car and want to come to see the artist so they can sing along.  Stadiums are filled every day with tens of thousands of people all singing the songs they love.  Political rallys draw lots of people once in a while, but there isn’t that cohesion and resonance that music has.

Long after the artist is old and wrinkly, the music lives on.  Mozart’s music is hundreds of years old and still inspires millions.  Music inspires us every day. Something about it taps into the very essence of being human.  This is why I dream of being a great song writer.  I want to inspire people and tap into that inner soul.

Sometimes, I think about UX Design as doing this on a very small and mundane level.  How can I make someone love a user interface as if it was a song they loved?  I remember xTree Gold and how it made me feel so powerful.  I want to make software that makes people feel that way.

At the Marketo User Summit, people were all using language that I helped invent like “Munchkin”, Flow step and smart list that are a little like lyrics.  They are gesturing the same gestures as each other as if the application had a sound track.  This is what drives me.  This is what makes me tick.

I want to be inspired.  I want to inspire.

What do you dream to be?

One reply on “The inspiration of Music”

Life is short and art is long. Inspiring and teaching others can last their entire lifetimes. They can also teach others and pass it along.
It’s the small victories for people like us that make the difference.

Actually, you know what? Come to think of it you probably just need to sell yourself better and write a book or something and have a dumb gimmick like the political morons withtheir bowties or that Matthew Lesko guy with the question mark suit.
I saw that guy at a wedding once and I swear to god he wore that fucking suit.

Whatya think?