The Middle East

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Look at this article about Iran’s President. He basically says, “Who cares about WWII? Israel is our land and you took it. Move Israel to Alaska and we will stop being angry at the West.

And these are the guys who are building nuclear weapons. One question, Wouldn’t it have been smarter for Bush to invade Iran versus Iraq? I mean, they are spelled very similar, maybe he made a mistake. Had he invaded Iran, we certainly would have found weapons of mass destruction (nuclear). We probably would have had the same insurgency. The terrorists from around the middle east would have been drawn like moth’s to the flame. I am not international strategist, but it seems Iran is pretty screwed up.

I still believe that Iraq could be built into a functional successful society, but we need to approach the problem from that standpoint and not from a “crush the rebellion” standpoint. Our problem is winning the peace, not winning the war. Why don’t we have a division of the defense department completely focused on peacekeeping and nation building? I would more likely join a nation building “army” than a regular attack squad. Isn’t this what the Department of Peace was supposed to do?

In other news, this rocks. Read “The Curve of Binding Energy“. Ted Taylor had ths idea 35 years ago. I hope this initiative gets national attention and everyone does it. I haven’t been this excited about a public works since I thought they would use recycled tires to make “super roads”. That got killed by the “Tar” Lobby. Blech.


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