The Moth in San Francisco 2016

I am planning on talking at the next Moth meeting in San Francisco. The Moth is sort of like an open mic night at a comedy club, except it doesn’t have to be funny, it’s mostly stories.

They give a theme and each person is supposed to talk for 5 minutes. The theme on Tuesday, June 28  is Fathers. I debated which story to tell. There is the story of my grandfather who could crush shot glasses in his hands. Several other stories about my own father. Finally, I settled on a story about when I was most proud as a father myself.

Hopefully, I can tell it in 5 minutes. I should practice a bit, I think. Also, I am so used to having PowerPoint behind me with images. The story actually works better with some photos I have. I will need to rely on my story telling skillz alone.

The last short form presentation I gave was a Pecha Kucha format at a show in 2009. Pecha Kucha is 20 slides automatically forwarded every 20 seconds. (6 min 40 seconds exactly) I worked for months on those minutes. Each word carefully chosen to land on the right slide movement.

I hope I don’t embarrass myself. I also hope I get on stage. I have never done this, so in theory there may be too many people who want to speak and I don’t make it. I’ll find out when I find out, I suppose.


Whatya think?