The Nays have it

I couldn’t afford to buy cotton so I decided to be abrasive, and steel wool.

Every proposition failed. I wish Prop 80 had done better, but I blame the phrasing of the proposition. It should have read, “Should California regulate Energy?” Instead, they put all this confusing language about limiting choice. No one could read the thing and understand what it was doing.

Penny voted no on all propositions for just this reason. She votes for Governor and Legislators. They get paid to make law. Why are they asking her to make law? She doesn’t know the answer! So instead of asking the population a sensible questions which could help communicate a popular “vision”, they ask specific questions that we can not answer properly. I believe the across the board NO vote was sending this message. This election was a complete waste of tax payers dollars.

New Proposition: Should special elections for propositions be eliminated? I vote Yes.

Whatya think?