The Rehearsal s01e01 Review

I watched the first episode of The Rehearsal last night on HBO. It was a unique experience and was brilliantly composed. (imho)

The premise is that Nathan Fielder chooses a person to help them through a crisis by rehearsing the situation in a studio almost like it was a show. It was like Queer Eye for the Straight Guy meets Punk’d meets Candid Camera, meets Curb Your Enthusiasm. It’s a difficult show to describe.

The somehow created multiple parallels. The main character had a lie he wanted to confess to his friend. while Nathan also had a lie that he struggled with. The main character successfully traversed the situation, but Nathan chickened out. The way they revealed this was brilliant. Truthfully, I didn’t even catch what happened at first. Lastly, they connected all of this to WIlly Wonka in a way I thought was deeply insightful.

The editing was honest without hitting you over the head with it. It required some subtlety even to watch it and how to react to it. I was honestly surprised on multiple levels. Watching the main character, I was struck by him complex emotions.

What is good and bad behavior was muddied and left me with questions and anxiety. Throughout the show I felt stressed and angry, hopeful and excited. It is rare that a 30 min show can evoke such thoughts and emotions. If you want something to make you think or make you feel unsettled, this is a good one. Highly recommended.


Whatya think?