The Shield

The Shield is back on and, of course, it is great. Here is my quick prediction: The sting operation of the russian kingpin will yield evidence that implicated Vic and co. in on the Armenian money train robbery. ba-Bam! Love that show.

I gotta work in Excel now for Katie. Glen’s Computer Rule #1: I dont know what the question is, but the answer is Excel.

2 replies on “The Shield”

Man, I hope they stay away from the whole money train thing. It was just silly (you can’t have a realistic show when the characters are robbing the mob of millions). Anyway, I hope the plot becomes Vic vs Shane, but I have a feeling it will be Vic trying to save Shane from the wrath of the OG.

WHere did the whole $ train go anyway? I completely forgot how prominent it was in the last episodes of last season until I read this post. They totally dropped the FBI investigation???

Shane is so scary. He’s such an idiot. I thought he was going to get killed by the OG but I thought it would be another episode or two. This is more interesting that he’s now under their thumb. I think I would’ve just shot him, cuz he’s BAD NEWS.

Whatya think?